2017 curriculum vitae

5 Nov

Time reduction from 0.8 to 0.6 i.e. 3 days a week at Level 2 NZCEL.

ALDin HE 2017

Presentation of the relevance of culture to language learning at the University of Hull, England April 12-14 .  My power point was adapted at the time in response to presentations I attended at the conference to make it more relevant to attendees.  The original abstract about ‘Weather…or Not’ series – the joys and pitfalls when making iBooks and power point were still used but more emphasis was placed on the continuum of individualist to collectivist and how this can be utilised by language support attendees.  My abstract was published in the conference papers ALDinHE .

Major changes to work:

April – May

Non-contact time: creation, research and development of materials for all levels of NZCEL 2-5 for 2018 new courses.  This was initially vocabulary for Quizlet sets, suitable reading and listening sources.  All links were then evaluated by the team at Language Studies and incorporated into the new curriculum for each level.  This research saved colleagues valuable time as the hours allotted for this work are minimal and all are teaching.

Co-presented the use of Quizlet for vocabulary acquisition both in and out of class for teachers and students at an in-house workshop day.  All my Quizlet sets are now being used by Level 2 and anyone who accesses through Moodle or my site.  I was also recently approached by Quizlet to be an ambassador to trial new applications.


All relevant apps made on LearningApps.org have been embedded into Moodle, e.g. November matrix below, and onto my site www.englishteacher.co.nz.


Four of my public apps have been used more than 100 times by users on the LearningApps.org site. Two of these are in matrix form with more than 3 apps related to the theme.

Learningappsibook creation of 12 books, which collate all previous materials relating January to December themes in previously desk top published textbooks, is continuing but is proving problematic.  Not all of my materials embed easily in pdf form and the 12 parallel ebook versions are not as attractive or as easy to use.  I am also not happy with format view in iphones.  By 2018 I hope to solve these challenges and distribute ebooks for free to public libaries for use by new immigrants and refugees.



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