CV 2016

1 Oct


Reduced hours in semester 1 to 0.8- 4 days a week.

Semester 1: English for Social and Community Practice (ESCP4) at Mt Albert campus. Instructions for embedding were much simpler and supported by screen cast videos but repetitive instruction was more successful.  There was a high pass rate but this group appeared a lot more motivated and 4 found jobs and left the course before completion.  A positive life outcome but not a good academic outcome. Vocabulary and speaking materials were added to the course and more practice materials were made to support assessments.

Reduced hours in semester 2 to 0.6 – 3 days a week.

Semester 2: English for Academic purposes level 4 one day a week and level 2 for two days a week.  Both have a large CALL component.  EAP4 is e-portfolio work followed by Learning Spaces where there is a lot more flexibility for interactive activities.  Level 2 is also CALL and Learning Spaces so what I learn for level 4 is simplified for level 2. Both Learning Space sessions have been successfully received by both levels and include creation of google slides for vocabulary presentations, use of ‘cows’ for summary work, quizzes and grammar editing or grammar focus activities for review and extension.

Conference Presentation/Professional Development

CLESOL 2016 NZ was an opportunity to showcase current iBooks, which combine all materials written so far still in a month by month format:  ‘Weather…Or Not’ series including the two workbooks ‘Weather …or Not Puzzles’ and Weather…or Not 2′, ‘Throw Away Your Dictionary!’ -selected units are embedded as pdfs and ‘Keeping Culture in Mind’ and ‘Keeping Culture in Mind too’ which are embedded as interactive pdfs.  At least 125 apps have been created so far to rework existing materials and many have also been used in Moodle shells for levels 2 and 4 this year.

The aim is for these books to be used by the community at large, hopefully by public libraries as they are upgrading resources, which will enable them to use iBooks and eBooks.  The latter have only been created from January to May.  Language Partners also showed some interest in using them.  They are available for trial on itunesU.

Here is the link to the screen cast of the introduction to the workshop.

In November 2016 I attended a writing retreat where I wrote 4000 words and edited most of them to a workable 3000 word article for the CLESOL2016 proceedings.  This has since been submitted and accepted  subject to  feedback in January 2017.

Abstract for a similar workshop to CLESOL2016 was submitted and accepted to ALDH in HE in Hull, England.  Unitec may fund my travel there in April 2017.  Similarly, the application for the writing retreat in February 2017  for Unitec has been accepted.

Other goals remain unchanged from 2015- use of Twitter and forwarding of useful sites to colleagues and my website expansion now includes some of the ibook apps as free materials.  Finally, creation of materials to support students (two were apps for academic literacy in semester 2) and illustrating use of websites and apps to students in preparation for mainstream study at Unitec Institute of Technology.

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