2015 Resume

29 Sep

Since January this year I have been teaching a higher level: NZCEL4 with one day a week in semester one on NZCEL2 and literacy support for 4 hours a week – NZCEL3&4.

The focus of English for Social and Community Practice (ESCP4) is 50% online portfolio, which is fed into from tasks on Moodle: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  The platform has been google suite with google site being the repository of a work space and final showcase for assessment. Links are created from google docs and You tube which are then embedded into the work space.  This has been a huge learning curve for me but I am quite comfortable with it now in semester 2 and the results are rewarding.

The remainder of the course supports the portfolio through a traditional textbook English Unlimited and is 50% traditional assessments with 2 based on their project work but I have had to write a number of resources to make it more relevant to their life in New Zealand.

In Semester 2 I cut back to just one course, 4 days a week (0.8 fulltime hours) and have cut back on all other research, book writing and workshops to have a break this year.  I have, however, started a creative blog based on Neolithic sites visited in Great Britain in 2012 and 2015 for 12 weeks as an outlet to relax and relive the trips with links and photos taken from both trips (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales are rich in fascinating archeological places).

I am also creating a large body of materials to scaffold grammar, which is not included in the ESCP4 course in any significant way.

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    […] The aim is for these books to be used by the community at large, hopefully by public libraries as they are upgrading resources, which will enable them to use iBooks and eBooks.  The latter have only been created from January to May.  Language Partners also showed some interest in using them.  They are available for trial on itunesU. […]

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