Curriculum Vitae of Yvonne Hynson

7 Aug



2009                     IELTS examiner

2007                     B passes in Adult Literacy: Contemporary Perspectives and Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education: Online teaching and Learning (towards an MA dLitNumEd at AUT)

1999                      BSc Ecology 

1996                      Dip. ELT (Post grad.) Auckland University – 2 years part time

1991                      R.S.A.T.E.F.L.A. (prep. cert.)

1977                      Dip.  NZ Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology.

                               Haematology/Nuclear Medicine/Histology

1975                       NZ Cert. Science  (A.I.T.)


Recent Professional Development



  • presented at Moodlemoot Auckland on using screencasts
  • presented at Teaching and Learning Conference Auckland on screencasts
  • Attended regular Literacy CoP meetings at Unitec
  • Created two student zones on Moodle for autonomous learning: language and IT.  Additionally incorporated Local events,  Course information, took staff photos for student information and made nearly all of the materials on Elementary 2 Moodle.
  • Became an active tweeter and incorporated useful sites into Moodle student zones and Elementary 2.
  • Wrote 6 units of an academic textbook on culture and begun collaboration with colleagues in two other departments:  Te Puna Ako and Maia.
  • Attended a seminar on


  • May Attended Moodlemoot Christchurch workshops relevant to 0.2  e-coordinator role for the School of Language Studies Unitec
  • Inhouse workshop Unitec on Moodle and ongoing research and practical support of colleagues in the changeover to moodle courses
  • Attended regular Literacy CoP meetings at Unitec
  • July IELTS inhouse examiner training
  • Feb E-coordinators weeklong workshops with Weigner and Trainer
  • Written the overview of an academic textbook on culture and begun collaboration with a colleague in the creation of units



  • Jul 15 ‘IELTS 5.5 limitations’ workshop for Literacy and Numeracy Symposium at Unitec
  • Jun Unitec e-learning mini symposium – input on moodle and Smartboard
  • Attended regular Literacy CoP meetings
  • Crown Teacher Training Day May 23 ‘Guessing unknown words in context.’
  • Feb/Mar IELTS examiner training at ELA
  • Feb ‘Audacity’ software training ELA in house workshop
  • Textbook publication ‘Throw Away Your Dictionary!’ – reading skills and strategies for post elementary students.  ISBN 0-9583265-9-2
  • monthly updating of including interactive video quizzes ‘Listen to New Zealanders Talk’ (ongoing)


  • CLESOL workshop Oct 4 on guessing unknown words in context.
  • Created moodle template for International ESOL groups, especially Kumamoto University groups, which included course information, video clips, blogs, news sites and Flickr RSSfeeds.



2007- 2001 

  • Foundation Learning Progressions:  Launch of the draft by TEC
  • CLESOL conference Christchurch 2004.
  • Took part in Global Learning Day 2004- 8th annual 48 hour Web conferencing with Franklin Institute of Learning, USA.
  • 2001-2004  Attended seminars at Unitec e.g. Portfolio assessment, Exploiting textbooks, Using CALL in the classroom, Chinese students and mainstream training, Writing and speaking/ testing and moderation, Relative Clauses, Grammar Analysis, Computer software for the computer labs, Language Laboratory for Beginners and Advanced.  IT sessions on blogging, interactive web page design, testing on-line and Blackboard use for teachers and students, Useful Internet sites and networks; CALL Symposium  
  • 2003  Interviewed, edited and produced video clips for the Advanced Unitec EAP interactive CD.

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